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A Will can protect your assets and helps minimize the chances of a contest over your estate. If you die without one, your estate may not be distributed as you would choose. Use a Will to:


  • Provide for your family

  • Specify whom you would like to receive your property

  • State your funeral and burial instructions

  • Create a trust for minor children

  • Disinherit a person(s)

  • Name a guardian for minor children


Probate Law


Probate is the process of distributing the assets of someone after their death. It can involve presenting a will to a court for the appointment of a representative, called an executor, to begin the distribution of assets after death, or, when a person dies without a will it involves the court appointing an administrator, who will manage the estate, and determining who the legal heirs of the estate are.




When an adult is incapacitated and cannot care for themselves or their finances, whether because of illness or injury, it may be necessary to have a court appoint someone to make decisions for that person and/or to handle their financial affairs. The same is true for a child under the age of 18 whose parents are no longer around to care for them. In these cases, legal guardianship of the person and/or the estate may be necessary.



Estate Planning

Estates consist of real and personal property, which the deceased owns at the time of death. Real property can include land, oil, gas, and other mineral interests. Personal property can include objects of value that are anything other than real property, such as bank accounts, cash monies, personal effects, household furnishings, motor vehicles, stocks and bonds, life insurance policies, or government, retirement, or employee benefits. Estate planning, then, is the planned distribution of an estate and is something everyone should consider to strengthen and ensure the financial security of their families.


Family Law

We know that family law cases can be sensitive; we treat all of our clients with respect and honesty. Our clients receive competent, practical, and ethical representation for divorces, child support, and adoption. When you decide on an attorney, they should care about your needs.

Criminal Law

Are you facing criminal charges? Does the uncertainty and stress involved have you feeling overwhelmed? Being arrested is no walk in the park. And the process that follows is even more difficult. In the days and weeks following an arrest, you’ll be faced with some tough choices. And most likely, you’ll have more questions than answers. You might be wondering if you’ll go to jail, or how your case will affect your work or family. Maybe you’re worried about your record, or are just wondering what will happen next.  Among the decisions you’ll have to make, legal representation is undoubtedly the most important.

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