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Don’t Face Murder Charges Alone

If you are being accused of murder, it is imperative that you seek legal counsel as soon as possible. I am Cariann Bradford, founder of Bradford Law Firm, PC. I have helped countless clients throughout Texas defend their rights. I understand the stress that is on your shoulders. I am here to listen to your concerns judgment-free, answer your questions and decide the best course of action.

Tenacious Representation Is Crucial

I handle both murder and capital murder cases. Capital murder cases in particular involve an incredible amount of evidence, testimony and time investment. Having an attorney who has handled similar accusations is vital. You do not want an attorney standing next to you who does not know what they are doing. I walk you through the entire process with calm assurance, in order for you to know what to expect. I am here to ease your anxieties and find a solution.

Capital Murder Certified

I am one of the only capital murder certified attorneys in all of Texas, a qualification that I renew annually in order to benefit my clients. This involves education classes and other types of courses. I sincerely believe everyone, and I mean everyone, is entitled to a proper defense. This pushes me to explore all avenues when helping my clients. From talking to necessary experts to interviewing witnesses, I will do everything I can to fight for you. You can rest assured that you will have an advocate in your corner the entire time.

Call Today To Schedule A Meeting

If you are being charged with a crime, it is essential that you reach out to an attorney sooner rather than later. To schedule a consultation and discuss your options, call my office in Forney at 972-552-2240 today. You can also fill out my contact form online, and I will be in touch with you.