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After A Sexually Based Accusation, You Need Representation

Being accused of a sex crime can wreak havoc on your future and your reputation. If you are facing these charges, it is crucial that you have a knowledgeable lawyer by your side. I am Cariann Bradford, founder of Bradford Law Firm, PC. I have helped clients throughout Texas who need a skilled, experienced defense attorney.

Advocating For Your Future Every Step Of The Way

I often see these types of cases arise due to a family dispute. One party may accuse the other of assaulting them when filing for divorce. In these situations, I can handle both the family law side and the criminal law side. It’s important to know that few attorneys are qualified to do this. Being able to handle both means there is one less person who is involved in your personal life, which many people appreciate. I examine all areas of a claim in order to provide my clients with the best possible representation.

You do not have to be dealing with a family-related matter in order for me to represent you. I have worked with countless clients who come to me scared and worried about the devastating effects that a conviction will have. While my goal is always an acquittal, I am fully aware of the difficulties these accusations place on your life. That is why I fight tirelessly to defend you. Everyone has the right to an attorney, and you are no different. Known for wearing red high heels in the courtroom, I take the legal system by force and defend those who need it most.

Don’t Wait Any Longer; Call Now

In these cases, it is essential that you speak with an attorney as soon as possible. To schedule a consultation, call my office in Forney at 972-552-2240 today. You can also fill out my online contact form.