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What You Need To Know About Guardianship

Protecting your loved ones is, understandably, stressful. Having an attorney who understands the law and can explain your options is the best way to move forward. I am Cariann Bradford. I founded Bradford Law Firm, PC, to help clients throughout Texas who are looking for answers when it comes to guardianships.

At 18, Everyone Is Considered A Legal Adult

As a mother myself, I understand how important it is to make sure your children are okay. I have worked with clients from all types of backgrounds. However, guardianships tend to be most beneficial for parents who have a special needs child. Once the child turns 18, they are legally allowed to make decisions on their own. Establishing guardianship means that you can speak on their behalf. You must prove that you will always act in their best interest.

As a legal guardian, you can have access to medical records, review financial decisions and ensure that educational needs are being met. You can establish the specifics of your arrangement, with differing levels of control and responsibility. It is important to know that anyone can be chosen as a guardian. Whether it be a parent, a sibling or a close friend, if you are committed to taking care of your loved one, you can be appointed at any time. I can help you work through the options and decide what will work for your situation. For this and all of your family-related matters, I am here for you.

Do You Have More Questions? Call Now.

I have worked with numerous families who need help making this decision. Some of them have even become my close friends. I have watched their children grow in many different happy and healthy ways. This family matter tends to go hand-in-hand with estate planning. I am here to help you with both. To schedule a consultation, call my office in Forney at 972-552-2240 today. You can also send me an email.