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Families Come In All Shapes And Sizes

Same-sex couples deserve the same level of legal representation that everyone else does. One of the biggest issues you may face is prejudice from judges. While you can’t pick a judge, you can pick the right attorney. I am Cariann Bradford, founder of Bradford Law Firm, PC. I have represented clients throughout Texas who needed help overcoming these hurdles and dealing with their own legal issues.

Proper Representation For Same-Sex Couples

Due to my time in the legal system, I know all of the judges. Some, I even know on a personal basis. I know what strategies will work and how to adjust our plan. I will always be upfront about where your expectations should be as well as the different options you should consider. Same-sex couples are faced with unique issues. For example, if one partner is the biological parent, do they automatically get custody? There are no blanket answers to these questions and revolve around the specifics of your case. I can help you find the best possible solution.

While there are different issues to be resolved, same-sex couples still need the same family services that everyone else does. Legally, you are entitled to receive them. Don’t let the judgment of others hold you back from moving forward with your life. Whether you are considering divorce, have questions about filing or are unsure what custody may look like, I am here for you. Splitting your assets can be difficult. Have someone in your corner who will advocate for you throughout the process.

For A Confidential Conversation, Call Today

No matter what the dynamics of your family are, nobody likes being put in difficult positions. Put your trust in a judgment-free, knowledgeable attorney. Call my office in Forney at 972-552-2240 to schedule a consultation today. You can also send me an email.