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Considering Divorce? You Need Proper Representation.

Filing for divorce can leave you with many uncertainties. Having an experienced attorney who understands the law is crucial. I am Cariann Bradford, and I founded Bradford Law Firm, PC, in order to help those who need it most. I will do everything I can to advocate for you, your rights and what is most important to you.

Trust A Compassionate Yet Tough Advocate

To me, you are not just another number. I have cases where I have grown close to the client and have even met their kids. As a mother of three, I know how the choices you make don’t just impact your own future. Many people walk through my doors concerned about their family-related matters. They fear losing time with their children. I aim to find a solution that works for everyone, from joint custody to parenting time arrangements. In Texas, it is not presumed that the mother will automatically get the kids.

For those who do not have kids, there are still an overwhelming number of things that you have to make decisions on. As a community property state, any assets you acquired during your marriage are to be split evenly. Where things can get complicated is when both partners want to keep the family home. There are numerous ways to solve this, whether it be one buying the other out or selling the home altogether. In situations where mediation is possible, I will always encourage it. This means having open communication and negotiating with your partner. This process is often more cost-effective and puts you in more control.

I Can Help; Call Today

Whether you need me to act as a mediator or a litigator, I will always represent what is in the best interests of my client. I also work with same-sex couples who are considering separating. Call my office in Forney at 972-552-2240 to discuss your options and schedule a consultation. You can also email me by filling out this online contact form.