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Recent Texas execution raising concerns for capital punishment

On Behalf of | May 26, 2021 | Murder |

Serious crimes, such as murder, are part of society. As a means to reduce and deter individuals from commit such heinous crimes, some states, like Texas, institute capital punishment. Capital punishment involves the death penalty, and it is an available punishment for the most serious crimes. When an individual is accused of a capital homicide, his or her life it literally on the line. Thus, it is important that one fully understands the situation and how best to assert a defense.

Concerns raised regarding capital punishment

Since capital punishment resumed in the state of Texas in 1982, 570 executions have been carried out. All of these were carried out with the media present except for the most recent execution carried out. This has raised concerns, as involving the media has allowed for transparency with regards to the death penalty being carried out in the U.S.

Some are arguing that is was due to miscommunication; however, officials are looking into what prevented reporters from witnessing the state’s first execution in nearly a year. It was reported that two reporters from the Associated Press were set to witness the execution; however, they were never escorted to the viewing room. This has led to questions regarding the process, and an investigation regarding the violation of law is being conducted.

Capital punishment explained

Capital punishment is an available penalty for those accused of capital homicide. In the state of Texas, this is defined as a murder where the victim is a peace officer or fireman killed while on duty, the murder committed while the accused was committing or attempting to commit a kidnapping, burglary, robbery, aggravated sexual assault or arson, involved in a murder for hire, a murder occurring during the course of an actual or attempted prison break, multiple murders resulted from the accused’s acts, or the victim was younger than ten years of age.

When a sentence or penalty is carried out, a process must be filed. This is true for the simplest and most complex areas in the criminal law procedures. Thus, if one believes that the process was not carried out legally and ethically, it is possible to take action. In contrast, anyone accused of murder, even if it is not a capital homicide, should consider their defense options so a timely and aggressive defense can be implemented.