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What are the benefits of mediation for divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2021 | Family Law |

Marriages end because of many factors, but at the heart of them all is confrontation. Some issue or problem arises that creates such passionate and clear differences between spouses that they can no longer continue their relationship as married people. When this happens, Texas residents may head to court to divorce.

However, individuals interested in the divorce process should know that continuing the confrontation of marriage into a litigated or adversarial divorce may not always be necessary. Mediation may offer some couples a chance to work out their divorce-related issues without the courtroom experience. There can be benefits for some individuals in mediation, and this post will introduce some of those advantages herein.


Generally, mediated divorces cost less than litigated divorces. That is because going to court before a judge costs money. There may be fees associated with retaining an attorney for litigation and the actual costs of going to court. Related, litigated divorces can take longer to resolve than mediated divorces and can therefore incur costs for a longer period of time.


Through mediation, individuals can work out their own divorce-related settlements. When individuals have a say in how their custody, support, and property division matters will resolve, they may have more ownership in the success of those matters. Mediation can give individuals more control over their divorce proceedings.

Less stress

Though all individuals are different and may have their own experiences, mediated divorces can be less stressful than litigated divorces. Less stress during a divorce is often perceived as a benefit for those ending their marriages.

There are times when divorces should go through the courts. There are opportunities, though, for individuals to mediate the terms of their divorces. Attorneys who handle divorce cases can offer their clients more information on these and other family law subjects.