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What are the elements of a murder charge in Texas?

On Behalf of | May 11, 2021 | Murder |

Allegedly criminal actions are punished severely under Texas law. When an individual is charged with a crime that resulted in the death of another person, their sanctions and sentence for their alleged actions can be serious. Felony charges that result in convictions can lead to long-term imprisonment and the loss of important personal rights.

Murder is the term given intentional actions that result in deaths. The elements of murder charges will be addressed in this post, but it is important that readers recognize this post does not provide legal advice. A murder charge should be handled by a trusted and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer who can provide their client with detailed and comprehensive representation.

The role of intent in murder charges

Many crimes require that prosecutors prove that alleged criminals both intended to commit crimes and took actions to make them happen. When it comes to murder charges, prosecutors must be able to show that murder defendants intended to kill their alleged victims or that they intended to inflict serious bodily harm upon that that reasonably could result in death.

Murder is not an accidental crime. When a death results from accidental contact, a lesser charge may be filed against a defendant. Murder generally requires an intent to inflict serious harm or death upon another person.

The role of action in a murder charge

As stated, murder is not an accidental occurrence. It requires some action on the part of the defendant for a prosecutor to secure a conviction. Action can include the infliction of physical harm upon an alleged victim, the use of a weapon or one’s body to take another life, or the execution of a felony that results in a death. Without action, murder does not happen. An individual charged with murder must intend to end take steps to kill another person to be convicted.

All criminal charges are serious. Murder charges are very serious. It is important that murder defendants take responsible steps to protect their rights. Dedicated criminal defense attorneys can support their legal needs and advocate for them at trial.